Quick Reference Guide for Onboardees

Welcome to your Onboardee Portal, and congratulations on your new role! The Portal gives you complete access to all the documents you need in preparation of your start date, making a seamless transition to your new position.

This guide is designed to help you through the stages that you might have to complete during the process. Please note that not all sections apply to all users.


Getting Started

You should have received 2 emails from the portal, one will contain your Username and the other a link to set your password. If you have not received the password link you can generate a new one by going to the below address and clicking the ‘Forgot password?’ link:


For all other missing information please contact the company you are joining. Once on the below screen you can use your Username to set a secure password for the portal.



The Onboardee Home screen is designed to show you the steps of your process and help guide you through.

On a desktop browser the menu on the left shows all of the currently available stages in the portal. The ‘My Progress’ section on the right will show all the steps in your process, with ticks to show when items are completed. It also highlights the next uncompleted step in the process.


On mobile you can access the Menu via the button at the top left and the Progress wheel via the arrow at the bottom.



In some systems you are able to send a direct message to the person who is looking after your onboarding process via the Messages button. On a desktop this is on the right hand side of the screen, on mobile it can be accessed via the Help icon on the bottom right.


You will be able to see if the person you are messaging is online or not from the coloured dot beside their name. Simply type your message in the box that opens up and the person you are messaging will be notified.



My Offer

This section allows you to view and download your documentation as well as electronically sign anything that needs a signature.

When you click ‘Start Digital Signing’ you will be redirected to a page where you can review and sign your paperwork. Simply check the information and , if happy with everything, use the boxes shown to add a digital signature.


If you have questions on the documents that have been sent use the Back button on your browser to navigate back and use the Messages section or reach out to the person who sent it to you directly.


My Details

This section allows you to add personal details that your new employer needs to complete your process. These can range from name and address information, to emergency contacts, to payroll details. Different fields will be marked as mandatory based on the configuration of the portal.

You can navigate through the different sections using the headings towards the top of the page and use the ‘Save’ button at any time to save your progress. Once all information is completed you can use the ‘Complete’ button to finalise. If you miss any required information this will be highlighted with a red exclamation mark.



This is a section that might not be included. If it is switched on for your process you will need to add information for your employment references in this section. You may be asked for up to four sets of details.

As you add details of each reference you can use the ‘Save’ button to save the information you have added.

Once all the details are completed you can check the declaration at the top of the page to confirm that it is OK for your new employer to contact these people.


Please note that once the declaration is checked you will need to complete all mandatory details before you can save again.



This section will only be available if you have Forms to complete for your process. You will be shown the number of Forms that you need to complete for your specific process.

To start completing a Form use the ‘Fill-in’ button to open the Form.