Forms are questions built into the system, these can be created by HR admins and can contain a number of different types of questions.

Creating a form.

 From the Dashboard or Left-hand side menu, navigate to forms.

Click, “add form” on the right hand side.

In the General tab, enter a short Reference and Description.

You can also add instructions for the onboardee here.

You can then start to build the questions within your form.

Every form should have at minimum one section and one field, so to start you must click “add new section” at the bottom right hand side.

Once you have clicked add new section you will be able to see more options to start to fill out the section details.

You can then add a fields (questions) to the section you have created.

There are a 7 types of questions you can add to a form.

Text – A free text box allowing numbers, letters and symbols.

Numeric – A free text box only allowing numbers.

Date – Displays in a calendar format.

Radio button – Will allow you to create a multiple choice list.

Drop down –Will allow you to create your own dropdown menu.

Text area – A larger free text box.

Boolean – Multiple choice list where more than 1 answer can be selected.

We have also added the option to add merge fields this would eliminate the pain point of an onboardee having to repeat information the system has already collected, for example first name and surname.

When you tick the merge field box the below will display.

When creating a form you can preview at any time using the preview button on the right hand side.

When you click this you will be able to see the sections and fields underneath as an onboardee would.

Once you have created your form you will need to select the companies related to this form, as you would with documents. 

Please note, once a form has been started by an onboardee the form cannot be edited. 

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