Check that you have the correct Username, it would have been delivered by email when you first accessed the system. Bear in mind that Usernames are case-sensitive. If you continue to see challenges try requesting a password reset.

You can reset your password using the forgotten password function on the login page. Please use the correct username (check with your HR contact for this).

If you are an onboardee your username is randomly generated by the system, your HR contact will be able to provide you with this.

If you are an operator of the system please email customer.support@webonboarding.com from the email address registered and we will be able to provide you with it.

This could be because you do not have access to the company this onboardee is assigned to or you may not have the privileges needed to see this information.
This expires after 24 hours, you can send another set password link within the onboardee record using the “resend activation email” button.
You will be able to see this when you select contract or offer letter in adding new documents.
You can do this in the administration section. Click account then “additional information”, you can then add your merge fields and select who this is visible for. Once you have added your merge field it will become available in the merge field dictionary.
An account sits over a company, in terms of structure an account would be the over all system and companies will be entities that sit underneath. Each company could be a different division or location for example.

System admin

Able to create onboardee records, edit the system and documents, see personal information, pull/create exports at account and company level and authorise contracts.

HR admin

Able to create onboardee records, edit the system and documents, see personal information, pull/create exports at company level and authorise contracts.


Able to bulk add onboardees.

Task Manager

Can only see the tasks assigned to them.

If you need help adding an operator please see the “how to add a user” guide in the implementation tools.

You will need your company colours in HEX code format. For more information on how to do this please see the “customisation” guide under the implementation tools.

If you are an Administrator check the Security Roles to make sure that they do not have the Integration user role selected as this will block access to the user interface.

Latest News

API Enhancement

In our continued efforts to provide our customers with the best possible functionality and to facilitate seamless integrations with webonboarding, we are currently working on enhancing our API offering to enable our clients to provision onboardees directly into webonboarding via web services. We adopt many industry best practices and utilise OAuth2 and RESTful services in our API. This feature is currently undergoing final tests in our staging systems before we release it into production. We are excited about helping our customers further automate their onboarding processes. 

Brand new Support Hub

We have been working hard on optimising our support hub, creating a dedicated area for all knowledge with how to guides easily accessible. We’ve also added search functionality, implementation tools and a place to have your say