How to customise your system


This document contains a step by step guide to customising your system, you can add logos, change colours amend email templates and create welcome pages.

From the Dashboard or Menu, navigate to administration and click into your account. You can customise at account or company level. 

Once you have chosen your company or account you will see the below screen. 

 Click the “customisation tab” button from the sub menu. 

Once you click “edit” you will be able to upload your own logo using the upload function.

You can also customise the colours using HEX code format. 

Please note, if you are customising at company level and do not change the colours they will default to what is set at account level.

Under the customisation tab you will also find the welcome page. This is the first screen an onboardee sees when they log in, this can be switched off. 

You can start to create your own welcome page by clicking “manage welcome page”.

This will bring up the editor in a “widget type” format. 

Here you can add text, videos (embedded from youtube) and pictures by clicking the relevant icons in the order you would like them to appear in.

You can check the view for an onboardee at any time using by clicking here.

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