Creating an Onboard template

Adding an onboard template (JOB ROLE/POSITION)

The Onboard Template section is accessible once you have switched into a Company set up in your Account (if you are a system admin, you will have the option to add templates at account level).

This section is where you can create set templates for Job Roles and Positions that are recruited for. Once the template has been created, it can be used time and time again, as part of the Onboarding process. Information from the template will help populate many of the fields in the Onboardee record.

Switch into the Company that you want to create the template for.

If you are setting up an account level template (please note, unless you are a system admin you will not have the ability to do this) ensure you clear your company filter. 

From the left-hand side menu, navigate to Onboard Template

Click Add onboard template on the right-hand side of the screen.

You will then see the below pop up. Please note creating a template at account level will make this template accessible from all companies under that account. 

In the Template Details tab, enter a Name and optional description

Ensure that the Active box is ticked to be able to assign the Onboard Template

Work your way across all tabs filling out the relevant information.

Please note, if you are creating an account level template you will only see offer letters, contracts, forms, documents tasks and reading list (induction)  items available for all companies. 

This information pulls through to the merge fields on the contract. Unlike “adding an onboardee” all fields are optional when setting up the template. 

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