Bulk Exports – Running Exports



Exports is a section of the system that allows you to create and run customised exports that can be downloaded from the system in various formats.


Accessing Exports.


From the Left-hand menu, navigate to Bulk Operations and then Exports to see a list of available exports.





Name of the Export


The name of the Company that the Export can access the data from

[Account Level] – An export that can run on all Companies that the user can access (System Admins only)


Edit the selected Export


Delete the selected Export


Running an Export.

Select the export you wish to run from the list in the main Export screen and then click Details to configure the filters.


Then you can configure the settings to filter the returned information, any saved filters will already be populated.




Allows you to filter the returned information for a specific Onboardee


Allows the results to be filtered by the Onboardee Status

Start Date

The date from which you want the data to start based on the Onboardee Start Date

End Date

The date at which you want the data to end based on the Onboardee Start Date

All Companies

Account Level Exports only – selected by default, deselecting allows the user to select which company(ies) to run the Export for

Once the details are updated, navigate back to the main Export and click “View Report” to preview the Export data. 

To download the Export as a .CSV file click the “Export” button.    

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