Adding an Onboardee

Adding an Onboardee

This document contains a step by step guide to adding an onboardee.

The Onboardee is the person receiving the Job Offer.

How to Create an onboardee Record 

From the Dashboard or Menu, navigate to Onboardees 

 Click the “add onboardee” button on the righthand side of the screen.

Select the COMPANY you wish the onboardee to be assigned to. Please note, you will only have this dropdown option if you have multiple companies set up.

If you have set up onboardee templates you’ll be able to select the relevant one here. If you are adding an onboardee without a template simply select “no template”. 

Please enter all the relevant information working your way across the tabs – please remember everything marked with a * is mandatory. Please note – these fields correspond with merge fields within the contract and offer letter. 

Click save 

Once you have saved this onboardee record the contract will go through the chosen authorisation process before sending an email to the onboardee.

Authorising the Onboardee. 

Once you have clicked save you can navigate to straight to authorise. You can do this by clicking the “review offer” button.

This will then take you to view the contract and offer letter where you can view and authorise. 

Once authorised, an email is generated to the Onboardee. 

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